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Is your project behind schedule? Missing features? It is burdened with technical debt? I am a well-seasoned professional software engineer, with also a background in electronics, specializing in embedded systems. I offer a variety of software services such as:


·       Core Development

·       Refactoring

·       Enhancements

·       Architect and Design

·       Bug Fixing

·       Special Projects


I hold an MSEE degree from UCSB in electronics and computer science. I have served many years as a software engineer in the Hewlett Packard Instrumentation (Keysight) company and years in a variety of smaller companies including startups. I pride myself at producing clear, clean and polished software and documentation easily utilized by others. My typical work arrangement is an hourly contract with comfortable terms so that client can explore the arrangement with little risk.


Areas that I specialize in are:


·       Computer Vision Systems

·       Real Time Embedded Systems

·       Bare Metal

·       Board Support Package

·       Instrument Measurement Systems


Augmented Reality Rubik Cube Demo

Computer Vision

·       OpenCV

·       OpenGL

·       OpenCL

·       Pyramid Blob Detection

·       Model Reconstruction

·       Manhattan Recognition

·       K-Means Shift algorithm

·       Markov Model

·       Bayesian inference

·       Belief Propagation

·       Augmented Reality

·       3D Object tracking

·       Calibration

Embedded Technologies

·       FPGA

·       Boot Code, MMU, Cache, DMA


·       SPI, I2C, USB, RS232, JTAG, GPIO

·       Interrupt Service Routines, Software Traps, Compiler Conventions, ABI

·       SnapDragon, ARM-9, 68K processors, JTAG, Beagle Board, DragonBoard

·       Development of Board Support Packages (BSPs)

·       Embedded Linux, PSOS, NORTi, Angström

·       Linux IIO Device Driver development

·       SMP, Multi-Threaded Programming

·       Stack and Heap Space Management

·       IAR Software Development Tools, adb

·       Crash Analysis

Software Languages

·       C++11/14

·       ANSI C

·       Clang / gcc / g++ / gdb

·       ARM Assembly

·       68k Assembly

·       Java / Jni

·       Perl / Ruby

·       XML

·       SQL

Software Design

·       Object Oriented Design / UML / Class Diagrams

·       Structure Analysis / Structured Design

·       MVC Frameworks

·       Agile, Evo, Classic Waterfall

·       Parallel Programming

Software Ecology

·       GIT, GitHub, Repo, Subversion, CVS, ClearCase

·       Eclipse, Intellij

·       Gradle

·       Linux, Windows, HP-UX, RTOS,

·       Bash, K-Shell, Unix Admin

·       MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS Access, JDBC

·       Ant, Make, GNU Make

·       Virtual Box, Virtual Machines

Image result for electronics circuits opamps

Electronic Technologies

·       Analog, Digital and RF Circuits

·       Microwave

·       Mixed-Signal

·       Low Noise / Phase Noise

·       Modulation / Detection

·       GaAs RFICs

·       Video - NTSC

·       Calibration, Characterization, Test

·       Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Emulators, etc …

·       Analog / Baseband / Digital / Microprocessor

·       USB, SPI, I2C, LAN, RS232, TCP/IP, SCPI, GPIB

Android Technologies

·       SDK API, NDK, JNI

·       Application Development

·       AOSP - Android Framework

·       Full Android Build System

·       Android Linux

·       Sensor Services

·       Mock Location Services

·       Android Studio

·       Adb, logcat, DDMS

∫_(-∞)^∞▒〖f(t)e^(-jwt) dt〗


·       Signal Analysis

·       Digital Signal Processing

·       Kalman Filters

·       Image Processing

·       Signal Theory Discrete and Continuous

·       Algorithm Theory

·       Information Theory

·       Probability Theory

·       Control Theory

Project Management

·       Analysis and Evaluation of Business Needs

·       System Level Architecture and Design

·       Requirements Capturing, Project Scoping, Definition, and Estimations

·       Risk Assessment and Business Tradeoffs

·       Detail Project Schedule and Resource Budget Analysis

·       Full Software Development Life-Cycle Approach

·       Deployment and Rollout ScenariosResults Oriented





Steve Punte

steve [dot] punte [at] cl-sw [dot] com